Riverside Support is created for families facing unique challenges. As with everything in life it is always evolving. I originally created this website as a place for resources and support for families dealing with attachment and trauma issues (many of these related to adoption and foster care). The name Riverside Support comes from the story My Child, My River that a friend wrote many years ago while raising a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder. As I started working with many unique families with unique challenges I found that the idea of me as a therapist and children, emotions, events and challenges as the river, my job is to assist the parents in sandbagging, cleaning up and figuring out how to weather the next flood while helping families to heal. It still seems to hold true no matter if I am working with a family with a special needs child or children, teenage angst, divorce, a transgendered or gender expansive youth, sexual orientation issues, death, or mental illness.

Over the years I have found that so many families put on a good front and are able to cope the best they can with unique challenges but internally they are struggling. To the outside world they do not seem to be having the struggles they are, meanwhile the family needs support and resources to overcome the challenge. I do not judge, the family is coping the best way they can - instead I support the parents to find solutions and resources that work for their unique family. I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach. I listen to the parents and the children, they know their family the best so I try to work on solutions that are unique to their family.

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This site is a work of love and support. If you have any ideas, resources or links that you believe would be helpful to our community, please email them to ideas@riversidesupport.org.

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